Candidates - Specialties

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Accounting Manager

The Accounting Manager is responsible for directing and coordinating the work of a number of accounting associates in all aspects of accounting. The Accounting Manager ensures an accurate and timely monthly, quarterly and year end close, the timely reporting of all monthly financial information, and the accurate and timely processing of positive pay transactions. The Manager coordinates the annual independent audit including preparing financial statements which are audited. The Manager designs internal control systems for all departments to ensure the safeguarding of assets. The Manager oversees the cash, investment and borrowing position of the company including projecting cash flow, monitoring draws/paydowns on lines, petty cash, and cash disbursements, and ensuring timely and accurate deposits and reconciliations.


The Administrator is responsible for directing, coordinating and controlling all aspects of the operating functions, processes, and staff of the Center while demonstrating the primary goal of efficiently providing surgical services that exceed customer expectations and improve clinical and financial operations.The Administrator will develop appropriate working relationships with the Governing Body, Medical Director and Medical Staff.This person will implement and maintain personnel policies, employee benefit packages, wage and salary programs and appropriate job descriptions for approval by the Governing Body.

Assistant Director, Patient Financial Services

The Assistant Director, Patient Financial Services is responsible for the day-to-day core operations of the patient accounting services center. The service center provides billing, insurance follow-up, cash posting, collections, and customer service to patients. It is preferred that the Assistant Director have multi hospital experience and the skills to continuously seek to understand, meet, and exceed costumers expectations.

Chief Financial Officer

This position will have overall responsibility for fiscal/accounting, facilities management, purchasing, data processing, and human resources. The position as major responsibility for budget planning and development, and plays a major role in the development of a long-term business plan for the organization. Duties also include maintaining effective fiscal monitoring and control mechanisms. Staffs and Board’s Finance Committee.

Chief Revenue Officer
The CRO is responsible for all activities that generate revenue. In most companies, the CRO is tasked with primary or shared responsibility for operations, sales, corporate development, marketing, pricing, and revenue management. Since these functions extend across multiple teams in most companies, a good CRO must maintain an excellent communication framework across the various organizational functions and share best practices among the revenue stream managers in order to maximize revenue production and the ability to report to the CFO. 


The Controller is responsible for the recording and coordination of all financial activities of an organization. Additionally, the Controller is responsible for all Treasury functions with regard to transfer of cash between companies, business related wire transfers to other companies and cash management in general. The Controller function is responsible for Payroll, Accounts Payable, General Ledger Accounting, Cost Accounting, Financial Analysis and Reimbursement Accounting.

Director, Finance

The Director, Finance is accountable for directing the overall financial activities of an organization. The Director directs and manages all Finance, Health Information Management, Admitting/Patient Registration, Payroll and Patient Accounting functions. The Director facilitates all financial planning and communication of results within the organization, including external and internal reports. In addition, the Director orchestrates the preparation of budgets and forecasts.The Director prepares all statistical reports and financial statements for departments. Also, the Director, Finance participated in the development, implementation and evaluation of goals, objectives, and policies/procedures that contribute to the achievement of the department and organization’s strategic plan.

Director, Financial Planning

The Director, Financial Planning provides leadership and direction to the long-term financial planning, project feasibility, financial analysis and decision support functions in order to establish and maintain comprehensive programs and services that meet the demands of the organization and fulfills the vision and mission of the of the system in an organized, efficient, innovative, and cost-effective manner. The Director, Financial Planning proactively supports the efforts that ensure delivery of safe patient care and services and promotes a safe environment.

Director, Managed Care
The director of managed care is the person in a healthcare facility who coordinates the activities and communications among managed care staff and the administration. This position can be found at a variety of healthcare facilities, including rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, senior assisted living centers, and hospitals. This position is one that will typically work within an office environment and keep weekday, daytime hours, though some can work around the clock. This position generally requires a bachelor’s degree in a field related to public health, hospital administration, or business. It also includes several years of experience within the healthcare field, specifically within a management position. Direct knowledge and experience with HIPPA regulations and other relevant laws are also pertinent.

Director, Patient Access

The Patient Access Director oversees surgical/ancillary/ER admissions/registrars, insurance verifiers, central scheduling, receptionist desk and cashiers. Patient Access Director works directly with the departmental directors in ensuring smooth patient flow activities. This person must be a strong communicator with the ability to train staff and hold them accountable for their customer services skills and adherence to policies. The Patient Access Director must have direct patient access/admissions director experience.

Director, Patient Financial Services

The Director, Patient Financial Services is responsible for the hospital billing and collections, maximizing revenue and cash flows, outpatient registration, emergency registration, admitting and cash application. This position requires extensive knowledge of front and back end billing operations, comprehensive knowledge of billing and coding regulations and proficiency with registration, eligibility, and third party verification, billing, and collections. Extensive experience with healthcare billing systems including electronic claims and authorizations is preferred.

Director, Revenue Cycle

The Director, Revenue Cycle is responsible for directing, planning, and overseeing activities related to revenue cycle management and enhancement. The Director provides leadership, consultation, and expertise regarding reimbursement, denials, payor relations, hospital billing and compliance, patient financial services, patient access and chargemaster.

Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for developing, planning, directing and controlling broad activities needed to ensure the long-term success of the practice in accordance with federal, state and local laws and regulations in addition to maintaining  the hospital's policies and procedures. The Executive Director drives the organization objectives to ensure financial stability through short and long range planning in order to achieve and maintain sustained profitable growth and is responsible for creating an environment that engages employees and physicians in an environment of trust to create quantifiable quality processes, broad growth and predictable financial results by continually evaluating organization strategies and plans to meet changing national, state, and local needs. They have overall responsibility for the operation and activities of the hosptial except those activities directly involving the practice of medicine. 

Financial Analyst

The Financial Analyst assists in the preparation, analysis, and distribution of the financial statement package. Responsibilities include follow-up to inquiries made regarding issued financial statements, as well as special projects assigned by management. The Financial Analyst compiles and analyzes financial information from all components of the organizational entity, and develops integrated revenue/expense analyses, projections, reports, and presentations. The Analyst applies a working knowledge of applicable laws and regulations; verifies documents for completeness and compliance with government and private agencies.

Manager, Financial Analyst

The Manager, Financial Analysis leads and directs the workflow of staff to develop processes to track and monitor System’s revenue cycle practices including auditing, reconciliation and monitoring of revenue cycle functions; abstracting data and creating reports to identify trends and opportunities within revenue cycle processes; and preparing and presenting results of analyses to management and other. A Manager must possess excellent communication and organizational skills, problem solving and mathematical skills, and possess advanced knowledge of MS Access and other relational databases. A demonstrated ability to work independently and to interact conformably with all levels of management and staff is required.

Manager, Reimbursement

The Manager, Reimbursement will be responsible for the coordination and review of the Sr. Analyst. The Manager, Reimbursement will be involved with the cost reports, monthly contractuals as well as working with outside and Medicare auditors for the cost reports. The ideal candidate will have multiple hospital experience. The Manager must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or related fields.

Practice Director

The Practice Director directs practice activities to ensure accomplishment of objectives. This person implements practice objectives to ensure financial profitability through short and long range planning in order to achieve and maintain growth and continually evaluates practice strategies and plans to meet changing national, state, and local needs.  The Practice Director supports and adheres to the compliance programs including the code of ethics and business standards.

Revenue Analyst

 A revenue analyst is resposnisble for  keeping track of a company's revenue and looks for ways to improve it. This analysis is multifaceted. The revenue analyst tracks revenue over time and determines the direction of the trend. He determines how a company's revenue compares to competitors in the industry. The analyst breaks down revenue by individual product and service and determines which goods are making the company money and which are not. He matches revenues to expenses for each business segment to determine the relative profitability of each segment. A revenue analyst must possess an almost preternatural attention to detail and be highly accurate with their work.

Revenue Integrity
The Revenue Integrity Manager is responsible for assisting Revenue Integrity Leadership with quality assessment and training of the Revenue Integrity Department Staff.  Performs internal quality assessment reviews on all Revenue Integrity Analysts to ensure compliance with Company policies. Monitor and assist staff with claims in RI workflow tools for timely resolution resulting in appropriate reimbursement and data integrity. 

Senior Financial Analyst

The Sr. Financial Analyst is responsible for implementing and supporting the cost accounting and reimbursement modeling modules within the Trendstar decision support system; overseeing the preparations and review of quarterly Product Line Reports; producing routine and ad-hoc reports; and providing user training and support. The Analyst must possess excellent communication, organizational, problem solving, and mathematical skills, and possess advanced knowledge of MS Access and relational database architecture.

Senior Reimbursement Analyst

The Sr. Reimbursement Analyst must have knowledge of Medicare cost reports and supported areas including experience in Medicare contractual analysis. The Sr. Reimbursement Analyst provides consulting assistance related to reimbursement issues. Also, the Analyst coordinated with financial services to determine the proper accounting procedure and they assist in the preparation of the budgeting process for supported entities as it related to contractuals. The Sr. Reimbursement Analyst participates in the annual audit.

Senior Revenue Cycle Consultant

The Sr. Revenue Cycle Consultant is responsible for the extraction and analysis of data impacting the hospital revenue cycle including, but not limited to charge capture, accounts receivable, bad debt, denials, and payors analysis (Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, Commercial).The Sr. Consultant will collaborate with other key functions including healthcare center financial and clinical departments, as well as regional and corporate services to ensure effective and efficient processes for optimal revenue cycle outcomes. The Sr. Consultant will have opportunities to work on projects such as Six Sigma Process Improvement, Metrics development and maintenance, Charge Description Master, HIPAA and other initiatives impacting the revenue cycle.

SVP, Finance 

The successful candidate will be a strategic individual with 7-10 years of managerial accounting and financial management experience in a rapidly growing start-up environment. You consider yourself on a CFO career track. Directing all aspects of accounting operations, overseeing all transactions related to general ledger, receivables, payables, payroll and financial reporting. Analyzing company's financial results with respect to profits, trends, costs and compliance with budgets. Issue regular status and ad hoc reports to senior management. Providing strategic guidance around capital financing options to support company growth needs. Developing and coordinating all relationships with lending/financial institutions.

SVP, Revenue Cycle

Responsible for enhancing and maintaining a properly functioning revenue cycle process through a cross-departmental organizational structure. The revenue cycle process includes scheduling, pre-registration, central registration, financial counseling, coding, billing, credit and collections. Maintains appropriate internal control safeguards over A/R records and collection of cash. Maintains compliance standards for providing accurate information on all facility or health system billings. Plans, coordinates and prepares year-end audits with public accounting firms and third party auditors as they relate to A/R operations. Ensures compliance with relevant regulations, standards and directives from regulatory agencies and third party payers.

VP, Financial Operations

The VP, Financial Operations is responsible for directing the fiscal functions of the medical/surgical hospitals in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, company policy and procedure, and in accordance with financial management techniques and practices appropriate within the healthcare industry for multi-state companies. The VP, Financial Operations must provide timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial reports and financial trends in order to assist the President and the Board and the other senior executives in performing their responsibilities. Also, the VP, Financial Operations develops, enhances, implements, and enforces policies and procedures of the organization by way of systems that will improve the overall operation and effectiveness of the behavior group. The VP, Financial Operations is responsible for the evaluation of the medical/surgical group – financial operations structure and team plan for continual improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the group as well as providing individuals with professionals and personal growth with emphasis on opportunities (where possible) of individuals.

VP, Managed Care

The Vice President, Managed Care is responsible for directing, managing, and leading the company's Managed Care Department. This includes maximizing every opportunity to provide appropriate, quality care while addressing escalating medical and pharmacy costs within the workers' compensation environment. Managed Care programs include: Network Solutions, Bill Repricing and Negotiation, Clinical Solutions, Pharmacy Solutions, Business and Customer Support and Business Analytics.

VP, Operations

The VP, Operations is the innovative healthcare executive skilled at partnering clinical operations with core revenue cycle operations and implementing highly productive cross enterprise alliances with proven results. This person is also an inspiring leader proficient at building and leading with the ability to execute multi facet strategies designed to increase revenue and optimize efficiencies in an ever-changing healthcare environment. The VP, Operations is a proven performer with ability to move from vision and strategy to implementation with the ability to bring key solutions across the healthcare arena.